For over twenty years, Ramble Creek has served a myriad of clients whose needs vary from multi-track recording, editing & mix-down, to custom composition for film, radio, and television.  If you are looking for assistance with an audio related project, please don’t hesitate to call or email to discuss.  If we can’t help, we can likely point you in the right direction.

studio recording:

Ramble Creek is an affordable, spacious, comfortable, quality multi-track recording studio capable of conducting focused recording sessions, in both analog and digital formats, with world class results. Whether you are a large rock band or a singer/songwriter, Ramble Creek can is equipped to suit your needs.

Ramble Creek Recording Studio consists of:

  • A control room
  • 3 tracking rooms
  • 2 Isolation Booths
  • Plus 2 foyers, a hallway, storage room, and bathroom

… all wired for sound.


If you already have a multi-track project that you’ve completed at home or in another studio and are looking for an experienced mix engineer with the tools to make your recordings shine, you might consider Britton Beisenherz / Ramble Creek. In addition to mixing the vast majority of over 150 records tracked at Ramble Creek, Beisenherz has mixed records from outside sources for artists such as Thriftstore Cowboys, Charlie Whitten, Screen Door Porch and Dead Black Hearts (to name a few).

additional services:

Additional services include (but are not limited to): Custom Composition, Location Recording, Transfers & Archival, Audio Consulting.